Operable Sliding Doors

GLYDE Acoustic Sliders

GLYDE® Acoustic Sliding Doors were designed to meet the needs of future learning while overcoming the limitations of other sliding doors on the market. They are smooth and safe to operate, and can be installed in many configurations.


Our dedicated design team developed a suite of acoustic sliding doors that can incorporate various glass types which can also be switched for solid surfaces, such as pinboards or whiteboards. Individual sliders can be installed up to 3m high and a span up to 18m wide, based on the nominated configuration required. 


GLYDE acoustic sliding doors make workplace fitouts easy. With GLYDE, one large room can be reconfigured into two, three, four, or more spaces for meetings or collaborative individual spaces. Businesses can establish adaptable workspaces as the organisation’s needs evolve.


GLYDE Architectural Acoustic Systems offers a suite of acoustic sliders that deliver large spans, acoustic performance, design flexibility, safety, and DDA compliance.


GLYDE Anti-Slam System

Safety was at the forefront in the design of these sliders. Our engineers incorporated built-in dampeners to make it ultra-safe when users are opening and closing the doors.


The GLYDE Anti-Slam System (GASS) slows down the door before it reaches the receiving jamb. Finger entrapment is a thing of the past. These ultra-safe GLYDE Sliders are a smart, safe solution for classrooms.


Watch the short video to see it in action. 


GLYDE Delivers

GLYDE Acoustic Sliders benefit from our team’s years’ of experience in acoustics and the flexible space solutions market. Our product engineering team started the design for GLYDE’s Acoustic Sliders by solving the shortcomings of other systems on the market. We can offer innovative solutions to questions you may have not even thought of yet.

Acoustic Sliders


50mm Narrow Profile, reducing weight and cavity thickness

50mm Narrow Profile, reducing weight and cavity thickness

Anti-Slam (Brake) System

Anti-Slam (Brake) System

Recessed Tracks Accessible for Servicing Without the Need for Ceiling Access Post Installation

Recessed Tracks Accessible for Servicing Without the Need for Ceiling Access Post Installation

On Site Powder Coating and Finishing

On Site Powder Coating and Finishing

Multiple Configurations

Multiple Configurations

DDA Compliant

DDA Compliant

CSIRO Acoustic Testing

CSIRO Acoustic Testing


GLYDE offers CSIRO certified test reports for sliding doors up to Rw35 in multiple configurations, including face fixed, cavity, and dual sliders. GLYDE sliders are the only system on the market tested in a dual slider configuration.


GLYDE Acoustic Sliders were designed to ensure operation is smooth and safe. They meet stringent DDA requirements and feature industry-leading acoustic performance credentials.


Our patented GASS safely slows large sliders prior to reaching the closing jamb, reducing the risk of finger entrapment while ensuring the doors are easy to operate.

Fixed Framing aligned with GLYDE acoustic sliding doors

GLYDE Fixed Framing

Complete your design for flexible spaces with GLYDE Fixed Framing

The GLYDE Fixed Framing range accompanies GLYDE Acoustic Slider systems to  create beautiful, functional learning and corporate environments. They can be brilliantly employed in a range of applications and configurations.


Please note, the fixed framing option is only available in conjunction with our door systems.

Fixed Framing Features

100mm x 44mm frame
Accepts 6mm to 12.5mm glass
Centre glazed
44mm integrated midrails
80mm surface mounted midrails
Optional low profile 25mm outer frame
Integrates with GLYDE slider systems
image of GLYDE fixed framing installed next to acoustic sliding door
Operable Sliding Doors

GLYDE Acoustic Slider Features

Section Dimensions
Internal Cavity Dimensions: 90mm - Single Slider; 155mm - Dual Slider; 220mm - Triple Slider
Panel Centres: 65mm
Stile Width: 120mm
Stile Thickness: 50mm
Surface Mounted Receiving Jamb: 65+/-10mm
Corner mounted Receiving Jamb: 90+/-10mm
Hardware Options
Standard 60mm backset lock varied key/snib configurations available (Master keying compatibility)
Straight handle - square or oval profile 600mm centres
Offset handle - square or oval profile 600mm centres

All handles are DDA compliant.
Consult with the GLYDE Team for alternative hardware requirements.

Max Panel Height: 3000mm
Max Panel Width: 5000mm

*Panel configurations dependent on:

  • Rw rating
  • Site access
  • DDA requirements
  • Weight limitations
  • Glass limitations
CSIRO Acoustic Testing: Reports available
AS1288 Glazing Standards
AS1428.1 DDA Compliant

*Compliance dependent on:

  • Rw rating
  • Panel weights
  • Handle locations (through glass or leading stile)
  • Handle type
Acoustic Ratings & Panel Weights for Glazed Slider
Rw 31: 21kg/sqm
Rw 34: 29kg/sqm
Rw 35: 29kg/sqm
Rw 37: 29kg/sqm
Rw 39: 34kg/sqm
Acoustic Ratings & Panel Weights for Board Slider
Rw 30: 20kg/sqm
Rw 35: 25kg/sqm
Rw 40: 30kg/sqm

*See Specification Matrix for option

*Sqm weights do not include finishes.

Glazed Slider
Midrails: 75mm (can be used in lieu of applied manifestations)
Vertical Mullion: 75mm Structural (to accommodate extended widths)
Decorative Mullion: 55mm Non-Structural (to accommodate handle locations)
Board Slider
Midrails & Vertical Join: 22mm
Board/Glazed Combination Slider
Midrails 33mm
section detail face mounted to steel
Face Mounted to Steel
section detail Direct to Steel
Direct to Steel
section detail Lead stile
Lead Stile
section detail trailing stile face mounted slider
Trailing Stile – Face Mounted Slider
section detail trailing stile cavity
Trailing Stile – Cavity
section detail standard jamb
Standard Jamb
section detail face mounted jamb
Face Mounted Jamb
section detail dual slider
Dual Slider
section detail triple slider
Triple Slider
section details dual cavity slider
Dual Cavity Slider
section detail triple cavity slider
Triple Cavity Slider
Acoustic Sliding doors specification guide
Specification Matrix

Do we need to incorporate floor tracks when specifying large format sliders or multi-stacking sliders?


Our acoustic sliders are top supported, eliminating the need to incorporate floor tracks. For multi-stacking systems, GLYDE sliding doors feature a foot operated foot bolt (eliminating the need to bend down to operate) fitted to the back stile of each door leaf that locates into a floor ferrule. This feature addresses any lateral movement for systems spanning over 3 metres wide.

Can GLYDE Acoustic Sliders be used for external applications?


Our acoustic sliders have been design, tested, and certified for the express purpose to achieve an operable acoustic separation.

Testing for external systems is quite different to that of internal systems and need to adhere to different characteristics, such as wind pressures and water penetration.

Given these differences, the perimeter seal design on GLYDE acoustic sliding doors is such to provide the required acoustic performance and still successfully achieve AS1428.1 DDA compliance.

Are the sliders certified as DDA (AS1428.1) compliant?


Our acoustic sliders have been tested and certified. Please talk to a GLYDE team member to assist with the design and specifications for each system to ensure it meets AS1428.1, as well as acoustic performance certification.


I’ve investigated other acoustic sliders on the market and they require an access panel to service the trolleys. Do GLYDE sliding doors require any access panels to be provided for servicing or adjustments in the future?


GLYDE acoustic sliders have been designed to complete adjustments or servicing without any secondary access panels or other provisions. The unique patented design of our top rails allow for access, should it be required.

How often does my acoustic slider need to be inspected or serviced?

Frequency of servicing or maintenance depends on the usage frequency of the systems. Please refer to the Visual Inspection Instructions provided with your warranty documentation. These details recommended timelines and self-help inspection for end users.

If any issues are identified or the systems are not operating as they should, please contact a representative of GLYDE for further assistance.


I am working on a project that requires a GLYDE specification code, can you give me a break down?

GLYDE’s specification matrix explains the makeup of the acoustic sliding door system. Click the button below to access the acoustic sliding door specification matrix.



Our Architectural Specification Managers are always available to assist with your specification and design requirements.


Are we limited to the configurations and sizes featured on this website?


An in-house team of experienced design engineers allows GLYDE to provide bespoke solutions to many concept design ideas.


Please contact our Architectural Design Specialists to discuss your project’s unique requirements.


Do you have CAD files available to input details into our plans?


Please contact our Architectural Specifications team to discuss your project requirements and ensure you have access to the correct details for each of the systems in your project.


Can the GLYDE Team provide specifications for me?

Yes, we can assist with these documents for inclusion in your project documentation for tender. Just ask.

I’m a builder/fabricator, can I purchase the systems and install myself?


GLYDE acoustic sliding door systems require specialist installers to ensure they comply with the acoustic performance requirements, DDA compliance, and safety aspects of the systems.


GLYDE offers a supply and installation model.

Does GLYDE include fixing/suspension from structural support beams?


GLYDE installation teams will drill and fix from support beams installed by others to the location requirements. The structural beam will need to be engineered by others to our product specifications.

Our team can provide the requirements for each system in the project to ensure the installation process is smooth, and structural detailing can be resolved early in the project life cycle.

I am new to GLYDE Acoustic Sliders and programming for a new build. Do the tracks and panels go in at the same time? I am concerned about damage during the remainder of the build.

In most cases, we only install tracks and panels in the same install when it’s a refurbishment or existing building. With the new build you describe, tracks should be installed relatively early before ceilings and wall sheeting is set. This allows for all elements to be aligned and the correct coordination between trades. Panel installation can be included in the finishing trades just prior to the final clean.

GLYDE’s new track and roller system eliminates the need for drop sections or any adjustment in the ceiling cavity. All works are below ceiling height to minimise any potential damage or marking of surfaces.

Feel free to chat with one of our experienced projects team members for further information and assistance.


Is GLYDE Australian made and owned?

GLYDE is a brand of Aluminium Industries of Australia (Ai) and is a privately owned Australian business. Our materials are sourced from local suppliers. Founded in 1996, Ai has grown through the years to include four brands, each leading their specific market with innovative products, onsite IP, and customer service.


What is the difference between an acoustic tested product versus a product that uses tested materials only?

Some suppliers will quote a performance based on materials used within the product, not the performance of the product in its entirety. To ensure your specified products are able to meet the acoustic requirements of your project, ask for a copy of the acoustic test certificates from a reputable laboratory such as CSIRO.

Are the GLYDE products attainable on budget sensitive projects?

All of our systems have been designed to provide our customers with a premium range of products at an affordable price. When compared to other ‘like for like’ systems in the market, GLYDE has proven to be the most price competitive option for builders and architects.

In the event of a glass breakage, can the sliders and operable wall panel faces be replaced on site without the need to dismantle the systems?

Yes, the systems have been designed with serviceability in mind and to ensure minimal disruption for the end-user.

Is GLYDE a new business?

Launched in 2020, GLYDE is the newest division at Aluminium Industries, however, the team behind GLYDE have more than 100 years of (collective) experience in this specialised field. From our Designers, Specification and Sales teams through to our Projects and Installations teams, we are proud to be able to provide this fantastic range of acoustic products for our customers.

CAD Files

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