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GLYDE® assembled the most experienced team in Australia’s flexible space solutions market. Our people support architects, builders, acousticians, and DDA consultants from design through to installation. Once a project is handed over, GLYDE’s commitment to service and support ensures our acoustic sliding doors and acoustic operable wall systems continue to perform as designed for years of effortless use.


We make creating multi-purpose spaces with acoustic separation easy. Talk to us about your project’s requirements and we’ll guide you to the GLYDE systems tested for acoustic performance and certified DDA compliance. You’ll revel in the creative freedom they offer you. Let’s create something amazing.


70+ years of experience
1-on-1 consultation
Budget management
Clear answers
No obligation


Team of experts
Project advice
Technical drawings
Specification writing
Standards & compliance documents


Dedicated project managers
Manage manufacture & install
Responsive communicators
Construction site support
Trusted installer network


High service standards
Preventive maintenance documentation
Helpful customer experience

Product development
Design Consultation
Product Development

Good design meets the client's spec. Great design delivers the project's requirements with flair. Consult with our experts for a building built to your vision, that engages and enhances daily life for the people inhabiting it. Our team manage bespoke project design requirements that bring your dream to life.

Technical Expertise

You love designing creative, clever buildings. We love deep-diving into the nitty gritty details of products to ensure they are fit for purpose, reliable, and beautiful. GLYDE's specification team will help you get what you want and need from acoustic operable walls and acoustic sliding doors.

image of GLYDE certified installers on site
Project Management
Network of certified installers

Our people expertly navigate the complex, moving parts of an installation and deliver on time, every time. GLYDE Project Managers facilitate your project from product manufacture to handover. Unique in the flexible space solutions industry, GLYDE maintains its own fabrication facilities and powder coating line. GLYDE's established network of certified installers bring their experience in multiple market sectors to your project. The results are better quality products beautifully installed with faster lead times.

Servicing and Maintenance
Scheduled maintenance program

Finishing a project is only the beginning. We get that. GLYDE's product engineers designed Optica acoustic operable walls and acoustic sliding doors with easy ongoing maintenance as a priority. To ensure GLYDE systems perform as designed for years of safe, reliable use, we created a detailed maintenance handbook for the building's facilities manager and offer on-going service and support.

Amazing Customer Service
Guaranteed to surpass expectations

GLYDE designs and manufactures our systems ourselves, including powder coating by our award-winning powder coat line. We remove the middleman, eliminating layers of complexity to give you better service and support, of higher quality products, at a friendly price. The GLYDE team saves you time and trouble, and gives you the best possible design, specification, installation, and service experience.

AIA approved CPD program
GLYDE CPD presentation for your business

Our AIA approved CPD presentation ``Creating flexible spaces with a focus on the education sector`` is for design and build professionals delivering flexible learning and working areas for clients.

All of this and more …

We engaged the GLYDE team, tasking them to design a cost effective sliding screen system at Braemar College. Their Sales and Design teams were fantastic to deal with and have designed, fabricated, and delivered the sliding screens that look great and nailed the design intent.

Loris Giorlando, Director / Project Manager, Melbcon

Are CAD details available for inclusion with project specifications?

GLYDE can provide this level of detail for complex configurations or bespoke design requirements. Standard specifications are supported with typical CAD details.

Are extended warranties available on the GLYDE range of products?

Yes. Warranties beyond the standard one year period are available however, for systems installed in high-usage applications, the extended warranty may be subject to a Service Agreement being put in place.

Is GLYDE able to assist with unique designs that may require modification to an existing product in order to meet project specific requirements?

We’re fortunate to have our own in-house team of designers who are able to assist architects in facilitating the design intent into reality. The extent of modifications required coupled with project timelines will be key factors in determining the viability of the project requirements.

Are operating instructions and maintenance manuals provided with the products?

Yes. These details are included with the warranty document and will outline the relevant contact details for the GLYDE Representatives, should assistance be required.

Is training available for the operation of the Optica systems?

On request, a representative of GLYDE can provide training for the end customer once the project has been handed over from the builder.

Are the GLYDE products AS1288 & AS1428.1 compliant?

Yes. Glazing certificates & DDA Compliance documentation is available on request.

What is the difference between an acoustic tested product versus a product that uses tested materials only?

Some suppliers will quote a performance based on materials used within the product, not the performance of the product in its entirety. To ensure your specified products are able to meet the acoustic requirements of your project, ask for a copy of the acoustic test certificates from a reputable laboratory such as CSIRO.

Are the GLYDE products attainable on budget sensitive projects?

All of our systems have been designed to provide our customers with a premium range of products at an affordable price. When compared to other ‘like for like’ systems in the market, GLYDE has proven to be the most price competitive option for builders and architects.

In the event of a glass breakage, can the sliders and operable wall panel faces be replaced on site without the need to dismantle the systems?

Yes, the systems have been designed with serviceability in mind and to ensure minimal disruption for the end-user.

Is GLYDE a new business?

GLYDE is the newest business unit at Aluminium Industries (Ai), however, the team bringing GLYDE to the market have more than 100 years of (collective) experience in this specialised field. From our Designers, Specification, and Sales teams through to our Projects and Installations teams, we are proud to provide this fantastic range of acoustic products for our customers.

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