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GLYDE Acoustic Sliders

GLYDE Acoustic Glass Sliders have been designed to meet the needs of future learning while overcoming the limitations of other slider systems in the market. They are smooth and safe to operate, meet stringent DDA requirements, and offer industry leading acoustic performance. GLYDE Acoustic Sliders can be installed in many configurations, both face and cavity fixed.


Our dedicated design team has developed a suite of sliding doors that can incorporate various glass types which can also be switched for solid surfaces such as pinboard or whiteboards. Individual sliders can be installed up to 3m high and 3m wide. Openings up to 18m wide can be accommodated using these systems.

Acoustic ratings of up to Rw45 are available when referencing the acoustic performance of the glass component only. Quoting the glass ratings as the acoustic performance of a complete slider system is a common selling technique used by many suppliers in the market. Modifying acoustic tested products similar to operable walls and reconfiguring them into sliders is also common practice amongst suppliers who have not carried out acoustic testing on their slider products. Slider configurations inherently create a number of acoustic ‘mouseholes’ that significantly reduce the performance of the systems if not addressed. This method of selling can be misleading and result in incorrect product specifications and installation of products that are not fit for purpose.

GLYDE offer NATA certified test reports for sliders up to Rw35 available in various configurations including face fixed, cavity and dual sliders.  Our acoustic glazed sliders are the only product on the market that have been tested in a dual slider configuration.


The systems have been designed with easy installation as a requirement. This simplifies the on-site process for the builder. GLYDE Architectural Acoustic Systems has the team and resources available, ensuring the requirements of any sized project can be met.

DDA Compliant

GLYDE acoustic sliders have been designed to ensure operation is smooth and safe. They meet stringent DDA requirements and have industry leading acoustic performance credentials.


Safety has been at the forefront in design of these sliders. They incorporate built-in dampeners to reduce the risk of finger entrapment when both opening and closing the doors.

Multiple Configurations

With a wide range of configuration options of face and cavity fixed, architects and designers can create built environments that ensure students prosper. Configuration options include single, bi-parting, dual, triple and three-way junctions.

100% Australian

All GLYDE products are 100 per cent designed and manufactured in Australia. Only the highest quality materials are used, which means our products will always be beautiful in form and reliable in function.

Choosing the perfect slider is easy …

Our specification team have the expertise and experience to make your life easy. GLYDE is a specifier’s dream.

Track Type & Format
Face Mounted
Cavity Mounted
Recess Mounted
Single Track
Double Track
Triple Track
Acoustic Requirements
Acoustic Rw30
Acoustic Rw32
Acoustic Rw35
Non Acoustic
Configuration & Construction
One Way
T Intersection
Clear View (No Mid Rails)
1 x Mid Rail
2 x Mid Rail
Fixed Framing Options

Complete your design for flexible spaces with GLYDE Fixed Framing …

The GLYDE Fixed Framing range accompanies GLYDE Acoustic Slider systems to help create beautiful, functional learning and corporate environments. It can be brilliantly employed in a range of applications and configurations. Please note, the fixed framing option is only available in conjunction with our door systems.

Fixed Framing Features
100mm Frame Depth
44mm Sight Line
Optional Low profile 25mm Outer Frame
Accepts 6mm to 12.5mm glass
75mm Midrail Option
Integrates with GLYDE Slider systems

Increase usable living space with our bifold and centre hung doors …

Our doors are popular because they make movement between indoors and outdoors effortless and increase usable living space. They are ideal for high-quality residences and homes, apartment buildings, and schools.

Comprehensive range of configurations
Face Mounted
Optional rebated, flat, & recessed tracks
60mm and 120mm mid-rail options
Open IN or OUT

Project Management

We understand the importance of an effective installation process. To ensure the outcome exceeds expectations, we have an experienced team of dedicated Project Managers and an established network of certified installers with extensive experience working across multiple market sectors.

  • Features and Benefits
    • D.D.A. compliant*
    • GASS – GLYDE Anti-Slam System
    • Aesthetic and durable
    • Solid or glazed options
    • Recessed head track system
    • Reduced weight

  • Technical Information
    • Slimline 50mm wide frame
    • Certified acoustic performance (NATA)
    • Accepts various glass types
    • Large format sliders available
    • Small format sliders available
    • Centre hung or Bifold configuration

  • Application
    • Education
    • Higher education
    • Health
    • Aged care
    • Corporate

*D.D.A. Compliance is dependent on several design elements.

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