Thoroughbred P-6 School

Architect: DesignInc

Builder: Kane Constructions

Fabricator: Taranto Windows & Doors

Products: Small Format Sliders – Cavity and Face Fixed

Thoroughbred P-6 School

This school forms part of the VSBA 2021 School Rollout.


Originally specified with standard non-acoustic sliding doors, GLYDE partnered with one of our key fabricators, Taranto Windows and Doors to offer our acoustic slider systems incorporating anti-slam brake systems at a reduced price to promote the safe operation for the children who would be using the doors in their classrooms and to provide a fit for purpose solution for these applications.  This also enabled members of the VSBA to inspect and operate the systems in a typical school environment with the aim of supporting the implementation of these systems for future school projects.


The GLYDE sliding doors have since been specified for the Bundle A 2022 Schools.