St. Hilda’s ESSTEAM Studio

Architect: Christou Design Group

Builder: Cooktown Constructions

Products: Single Glazed Acoustic Sliders, Optica Double Glazed Acoustic Operable Walls, and Agile Panels

St. Hilda’s ESSTEAM Studio

Single Glazed Face Mounted Acoustic Sliders:

  • Rw35 acoustic rating
  • Mid-rails
  • Clear laminated acoustic glass
  • Face mounted with pelmets
  • Sabre SSS handles
  • GASS brake system


Optica Double Glazed Acoustic Operable Walls:

  • Rw47 acoustic rating
  • Double panel hung passdoors w/compliant lever sets
  • Slim profile retractable bottom seals
  • Side stacking configuration
  • Clear laminated safety glass


Agile Panels: Full height enamel magnetic whiteboard

St Hilda’s ESSTEAM Studio is an immersive learning space driven by pedagogy. The project sought to create healthy learning space for student to improve focus and retention.


The innovative cross-curricular ESSTEAM program of Entrepreneurship, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics illustrates the school’s commitment to sustainability. The social impact objectives of the ESSTEAM program were illustration in a challenging upcycling of the existing Una Mitchell building.⁠


The studio features a pitch arena, an enclosed workshop, and a build space with sparkhubs. A media studio is connected to these spaces with thoughtful lighting design.


Considered and strategic use of acoustic operable walls and acoustic sliding doors allowed Christou Design Group to create these dynamic spaces easy to use and full of light.